Hi everyone, I’m Linda Cameron and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Trainer of NLP and Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer. I work as part of the assisting team to Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, at their training events in London.

My Experience with Diets and Weight Loss

Naturally slim and active as a young person, I never thought about what I ate or weight loss programs.  But at University in my twenties I found that long sedentary periods of time spent studying followed by eating substantial meals, (brain food don’t y’know!) meant I gained weight!

Then a comment about how I wasn’t as slim as I used to be turned out to be the catalyst for me wondering how can I lose weight and researching weight loss programs.  At that time, what I found was a diet and that became a near obsession with what was ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviour around food.

My Experience with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Discovering the virtual gastric band has totally changed my experience with weight loss.  Diets don’t work but this virtual gastric band weight loss program does!

Clients who have experienced my virtual gastric band hypnotherapy sessions have been delighted to discover that they can still eat all the things they like and lose weight.

Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron
Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron
Linda with Paul McKenna
Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron
Linda with Richard Bandler

How I Can Help You

Over the last decade, I have helped all sorts of clients with all sorts of problems including fears and phobias, public speaking, building confidence, exam preparation, improving self-esteem and weight loss.

But the success that my clients have experienced with my virtual gastric band hypnotherapy sessions is unlike any other result that they’ve had with other weight loss programs.

My practice is in Glasgow where face to face sessions take place. I also consult via Skype and Facetime for clients who are based elsewhere. My virtual gastric band sessions can fit around you. So isn’t it time to ditch the diets and choose a weight loss program that works for a change?

Contact me now to learn more about the virtual gastric band and how this can help you to lose weight.