If you’re asking yourself this question then you’re probably wondering how gastric band hypnosis could make an impact on YOUR life.

The virtual gastric band weight loss solution has been carefully curated to give the highest chance of helping each person to lose weight.

The Basics of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

When you come to me for gastric band hypnotherapy, everything is prepared to allow you to have the most relaxing experience right from the start. Even if you’ve never experienced hypnosis before you will have experienced being relaxed. The virtual gastric band procedure uses your natural ability to relax to allow me as your hypnotherapist to speak to your subconscious mind so that it can make the changes to how you eat without you having to think about it.


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The Gastric Band Hypnosis Process

Imagine for a moment, those times when you go into that dreamy state when you’ve got lost in your thoughts and you’re oblivious to what’s going on around you.  We all do that on a daily basis!  When this happens, you’re actually accessing your subconscious and these moments are moments of self hypnosis.  With gastric band hypnotherapy, you’re accessing your subconscious with a purpose. The purpose of making changes to help you lose weight easily and effectively.  As your hypnotherapist, I am your travel guide during the hypnosis, but you’re the one in control.

The process is very simple. 4 one to one face to face sessions over 4 weeks to change your eating habits forever. The gastric band hypnosis process takes around 28 days to help you build new habits. I will also provide you with an MP3 to listen to in between sessions. This helps to reinforce the work that we do together.

A virtual gastric band might just be what you need to turn your life around and change your habits for the better.

Does a Virtual Gastric Band Work for Everyone?

Just like a surgical gastric band, there’s no guarantee with a virtual gastric band but it can prove much more effective than traditional weight loss methods. With a hypnotherapy gastric band you can enjoy all of your favourite foods, instead of eating healthily before binging on the bad stuff.