How many times have you tried and failed to lose weight in the past? We all have our own familiar habits and failing points when it comes to losing weight.

Maybe when you’re confronted with a bar of chocolate or when the kids don’t quite finish their chips. The smallest temptations can be huge mountains when you’re trying to stay on the straight and narrow.

Weight loss hypnosis is about changing these old habits and triggers that cause you to stray.

Can Hypnosis Help With Weight Loss?

So many people ask me “Can hypnosis help with weight loss?” and of course, I believe that it can. Your mind is more powerful than you think and hypnotherapy for losing weight is about reprogramming your mind so that changing your old habits is simple and effortless.


Weight loss hypnosis changes the way that you think about food.

It’s not about you denying yourself your favourite foods. Instead, weight loss hypnosis reduces your consumption so that you feel satisfied on less of it. No more feeling stuffed and guilty!

Weight Loss Hypnosis and its Effect on the Brain

When you’re in a state of hypnosis, your mind is ready to take on new suggestions. This includes suggestions to help you lose weight. Experiencing weight loss hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to change the neural pathways in your brain so they go in the direction that will help you to lose weight.

Simply put, traditional weight loss tactics don’t work or they do for a short while until you go back to your old habits. With hypnotherapy for losing weight you can build the new positive habits that you need to succeed in the long term.

Each individual’s weight loss hypnosis experience will be unique to them so if you’re wondering how can hypnotherapy help with weight loss specifically for you, get in touch to find out.

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