While undertaking gastric band hypnotherapy to lose weight, you have a role to play too. By immersing yourself into the possibilities that it offers and committing yourself to the process, you will be able to let go of your old habits, beliefs and previous behaviours. This will allow you to transform the way you think about food and potentially lose weight.

With this kind of thinking in place, you will be able to effect a powerful change. Taking ownership of your transformation and engaging with it is essential. You must make this commitment and undertake such thinking for the virtual gastric band to be effective.

Your Commitment Between and Beyond Sessions to Lose Weight

During the “Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron” process, you will be provided with a home support MP3 and you will be asked to listen to this between your sessions.  This is designed to help you gain the most benefit from the process and listening is part of the commitment you are making to yourself to make the changes you desire.

The process of the virtual gastric band requires you to make a commitment and ensure that you follow through on this. With this commitment in mind, you must decide if the virtual gastric band is really for you. This process requires you to be invested in losing weight too and refunds cannot be given if you choose to end the process.

The results for each person that gets a virtual gastric band can be different. The time taken to lose weight and amount lost each week will also vary for each individual. The process to lose weight is not something that just happens to you, it is something that happens with you and I over the course of these sessions.

Contact me if you would like to know anything further about hypnotherapy to lose weight.