Returning from holiday can be a tricky business when it involves stepping on the scales or putting on your work wardrobe after time away.

After the indulgences of holiday ‘treats’ it’s not uncommon to find the buttons on your shirt harder to close or your waistband feeling tight.

This year however I am delighted to report that I experienced no such issues and I can categorically put it down to my new way of eating.

Earlier this year I launched a new hypnosis based weight loss solution ~ Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron.   The premise of this weight loss solution is that you simply eat less of the things you enjoy with the result being that you lose weight.

It sounds very simple and I can assure you, it is!

So, as I believe in practising what I preach or putting my money where my mouth is, I decided that I would apply the solution to myself as I reckoned I had some weight to lose.

And that meant that eating on holiday was breeze.

You see, my thinking was very different this year because it actually involved no thinking about food at all.  Other than the pleasure of planning where to dine each evening and what to choose from the extensive menus.

Most pre-holiday thinking goes something like this ~ “I’ll be very good on my diet before I go away so that I can lose as much weight as possible and then when I’m on holiday I can relax and treat myself.”

Then when you’re on holiday the thinking is ~ “Should I have an ice cream?  I don’t really need an ice cream.  So I could just be good and not have it.  But then again, I am on holiday so why not?  I’m just going to treat myself!”  or “That was a delicious meal and I wouldn’t normally have had the chips but I’m on holiday so I decided I would.  The desserts look lovely… I’m a bit full but I’m on holiday after all so I’m allowed.  I can diet again when I get home.”

There’s a recurring theme of “I’m on holiday” which becomes an easy excuse for why we eat all sorts of things that we don’t necessarily feel like eating but we do it anyway.

Now, the only way that being on holiday can become an excuse for eating things you don’t need is if you’re otherwise following a set of rules about food.  A set of rules such as a diet.

And then all sorts of thoughts come in to play about what to eat.  Or not.

And that’s when the “I’m on holiday” excuse takes centre stage.

Of course, it’s an excuse very similar to “It’s the weekend.”  “It’s my best friend’s wedding.”  “It’s Christmas.”  It’s any number of reasons other than genuinely feeling hungry.

So this year, because I simply have been eating what I want to eat but in smaller amounts (and enjoying the effects) I simply continued the same practice on holiday.

I ate exactly what I wanted, enjoyed every mouthful and stopped when I had had enough.

And joy of joys when I returned home I fitted all my usual clothes and in fact, my buttons and waistbands even felt a little looser.

I also returned to messages from my Virtual Gastric Band clients who have been progressing beautifully while I’ve been away, telling me of their continued success.

One in particular had this to say “Since beginning my Virtual Gastric Band sessions with you I have lost nearly 2 stones in weight and the experience has really been transformational for me.  I feel healthier, fitter and my attitude to “comfort eating” has changed for good.  Virtual Gastric Band has been a life changer for me in every sense.”

So, holiday season may be coming to an end but Christmas is on the way so, just like this client, why not get in shape now so that come the big day you can enjoy your dinner like never before?

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