A friend of mine remarked that they had to cancel their dental appointment because they didn’t want to admit that they hadn’t been using the whitening kit they were supposed to have been using for the last 3 weeks.  They hadn’t had the time to use it.  The kit that cost a fortune I might add.

So they changed the appointment with the intention of using the kit from now until the newly arranged time.

And this got me thinking how like losing weight this is.

How many times have you said you don’t have the time to do something that’s for you.  And for the good of your health?

How many times have you prioritised something else or given in to can’t be bothered-ness rather than do the thing that would give you what you want?

Whether that’s, like my friend, having a sparkly white smile that you aren’t ashamed of or fitting into that outfit that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for donkeys or jumping out of bed in the morning instead of creaking your way into the day as your poor old knees cry out under the strain of a body that’s got heavier and heavier?

And the thing is, often the excuse is “I haven’t got the time.”  Really?  How much time do you need to just eat less?

OK so to get you started you attend some hypnotherapy sessions but is once a week for 4 weeks really so onerous?

And yes, you need to do some listening in between.

But let me ask you, how much time will you spend agonising over what you’re going to eat this week?  How much time will you spend at the shops trying to find the ingredients you’re allowed so you can create your prescribed diet meal?  How much time will you waste wondering if you could just sneak in a bar of chocolate without it adding to the pounds you’re desperately trying to lose?  How much time will you spend afterwards beating yourself up with guilt for not losing weight fast enough?

And how much money will you spend in the process?

Like my friend and the teeth whitening, hundreds of pounds spent and for what?  They’ve still got a smile they try to hide and will end up spending more money on another kit that’s not out of date!  And yes, they’ll find another excuse to change their appointment again as the embarrassment of it all begins another cycle of the same.

If they’d just used the kit they paid for first time around they’d be grinning from ear to ear by now and who knows what else…..?

So as you tell yourself “I don’t have time for this” imagine yourself one month from now looking in the mirror.  It could be you grinning from ear to ear and not because your teeth are white!

To find out how to make this happen join me for a Zero Cost Session now!

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