The sun shone the other day and I saw people eating ice cream.  Imagine that?  Ice cream!

And you know they were all slim and smiling and savouring their ice cream.

Have you ever watched people eat ice cream and wondered “How do they do that?”

Why can’t we see all those calories sticking to their body and making them gain weight?  Why don’t they look guilty? Maybe they’re starting their diet tomorrow…..

Or maybe they’re not on a diet at all.  And maybe the only thoughts they had about the ice cream was how tasty it was and how much they enjoyed it.

You see, it IS possible to eat and not constantly think about what you’re eating and associate any feelings with it.  Yes, really.  It is.

On the varying occasions that I have lost weight via some diet or other I have observed how my naturally slim friends have been able to eat all the things that I cut out of my diet (in order to lose weight) and yet they remained slim.

The mystery of how they manage to achieve this is resolved and explained in my Virtual Gastric Band with Linda Cameron weight loss solution which you can find out about here ~

What I will share with you now though is that it has nothing to do with the amount of fat, calories, protein or carbs contained in the food and everything to do with how they eat it and how they think about it.  Or rather, how they don’t think about it.

There is also absolutely no guilt whatsoever and the word “shouldn’t” simply isn’t in their vocabulary.

Imagine yourself now, eating with no guilt and without saying “I really shouldn’t…..”

You too could eat ice cream and still lose weight!

Contact me now to find out exactly how and this time next month you could already be closer to becoming the naturally slim person you know you can be.

See you soon!

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