National Pink Day!  Who knew?

I’d never have known when I decided that pink was my colour that the 23rd of June would become National Pink Day!

I love pink.  Pink is great and it’s come a long way since it was said to make the boys wink!

Pink was first used as a colour in the late 17th century and got it’s name from the flower of the same name ~ the Pink.  There are so many different shades of pink from baby through to shocking with rose, fuchsia and cyclamen in between.  And depending on the shade pink can represent tenderness and sensitivity or boldness and strength.

Pink also refers to a verb ~ “to pink” which means to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern.  The tailors among you will be well versed in the use of pinking scissors that create that zig zag edge on fabric during the garment making process.

One can of course be feeling “in the pink” which means you’re in top form and good health.

And those who know me well know that I am rarely to be seen without pink somewhere about my person…..

So let’s take a minute to think pink.  That’s got a nice ring to it don’t you agree?  Easily remembered.  Short and sweet.  Simple.  Almost like a motto ~ “Think Pink”.

And what could the benefits of thinking pink be I wonder?

Perhaps it might bring out your sensitive side.  The part of you that cares deeply about you and wants to help you achieve your goals and be the person you really want to be.

While at the same time allowing you to access your inner resources of strength when you want to be bold and make decisions about your future with courage.  Changing your relationship with food through hypnosis for weight loss can be like changing your relationship with a long standing friend.  One whom you love dearly but who needs to be less influential!

Life, as we know, never goes in a straight line but rather it takes more of a zig zag path while you explore and discover and learn while you continue to move forward.  And learning how to treat food as food and not an emotional crutch, treat or reward is part of that journey.

And there really is nothing better than feeling really really good, enthusiastic and energised, confident and resourceful.  A bit like being in top form in fact!  Which is just how you can feel when you shed those extra pounds and become the slimmer, happier person you want to be.

Which brings us back to pink.  All of that summed up in one word.  One colour.


So what would it be like to simply say to yourself right now “Think Pink”.  

And imagine experiencing life in the pink.  Seeing yourself slimmer and fitter.  Feeling confident.  Back in control of your choices with hypnosis for weight loss.

Let’s make 23rd June your day to open a new life chapter entitled “Think Pink”with hypnosis for weight loss.  You can take the first step right here > Zero Cost Session.

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