Exam season has recently finished and pupils and students everywhere will be delighted to throw the books away for a while and relax.

No more poring over books, checking timetables and working out how many more hours of revision time they have before the big day arrives and they desperately hope that all their hard work will have paid off.

And come to think of it, all of that sounds quite similar to what it’s like every time you’re endeavoring on a weight loss journey.  Hoping that all your hard work sticking rigidly to diet plans and denying yourself what you really want to eat will have paid off when you step on the scales.

And then as you breathe a big sigh of relief you start planning the ‘treat’ you’re going to give yourself to celebrate your success.

But did you know that learning a new way of eating doesn’t have to be that hard?  In fact learning anything at all doesn’t need to be hard, even effective weight loss.

The key is to relax.  Just like when you’re listening to my guided relaxation.  Just like when you’re in that deeply resourceful hypnotic state.  Because in that state, you’re allowing your mind to become quiet and to create the right environment for learning.  You can go on your own internal journey and when you allow it, your mind will show you what you need to see.  You’ll hear what you need to hear.  And you’ll feel what you need to feel.

And you’ll know what to do.

There’s no need for trying.  No need to obsess.  No need to be constantly thinking.

You can simply relax.  And know that you’ve got it all worked out because you allowed yourself to relax and learn from your own inner wisdom what you need to do.

And when you learn that way, you just do it.  No effort required.

Relaxation opens the door to the opportunity to learn.

When you allow yourself to relax during a session of Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis you’re opening the door to learning how to transform your relationship with food and enjoy life for a change!

To find out for yourself just how relaxing and effective this type of learning can be, book a Zero Cost Session now and take the next step in becoming a slimmer, fitter, healthier, happier YOU!

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