While sitting in the airport awaiting my flight the other day I overheard, well OK, I actively listened to a conversation between two women about their diets.

I confess as soon as I heard the word ‘shake’ my ears pricked up and I covertly (well maybe not so covertly as one of them kept looking at me as she spoke) tuned in to their discussion about which shakes were the best and which diet meal menus they were going to order this week.

It’s true they both were in need of slimming down but I confess to feeling sorry for them both as I calculated that their largeness was probably a direct result of these ‘delicious’ shakes and diet menus.

I could hear the effort in their voices.  The effort that goes with convincing your friend (which really means convincing yourself) of how much you’re looking forward to consuming this sludge along with some oh so tasty, carefully calculated, low calorie / carb/ sugar (delete or insert as appropriate), zero point scoring ‘meal’.

Given that I hadn’t been invited to be part of their conversation and that the only way to engage with them would have been to admit that yes, I had in fact been actively eavesdropping and the fact that my flight was called meant I didn’t approach and suggest my alternative solution.

The solution that means you can actually eat normal food like everybody else, enjoy it and still lose weight, effortlessly.

Maybe that was mean of me or maybe it was just inappropriate timing but their conversation is a conversation that’s as familiar as the nose on your face.  (Which I suppose is only familiar if you spend a lot of time looking in the mirror which when you don’t like the way you look probably means you don’t…..)

I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve heard or been part of (yes, I’ve bored for Scotland too about calories, fat, carbs and everything else that goes with dieting) that focus on food as something that is anything other than….. food!

So, I’m on a mission to put people out of this misery.  To stop having conversations about food and actually start simply eating it.  Enjoying it.  And in the process, become slimmer, happier and healthier.

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